Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Mock Wedding in China.

A few weeks ago, Paul and I were invited to a local language school to do a "mock wedding." Paul was the officiant and I was the wedding coordinator, along with another teacher. The students had different roles (bride, groom, best man etc.) After the wedding and reception, we were able to participate in a Q & A about dating, marriage and parenting. The group had married and single students and they all had good questions. Here are a few pictures from the day. Each student got a copy of traditional wedding vocabulary from the traditional vows. Here, Paul is explaining the vocabulary.
Demonstrating how to walk down the aisle.

Explaining to each participant where they would stand.

Explaining the vows.

Sorry-repeat picture that won't go away.

The actual "ceremony."

More vows.

The wedding party looking at something to the right!

The wedding party.
It really was a fun morning for us.

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