Friday, January 20, 2012

Serving in the Phillippines for the Second Time.

Our daughter is in the Phillippines for the second time, serving in an orphanage and with displaced people.  Yes, it makes my heart swell as I look at this pictures.

Carrying wood beams in the heat of the day.

Building a hand.

Reading to one of the kids.

Can't wait to see her again next week!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monkey boy goes to the doctor.

One of my affectionate names for our little guy is "Monkey Boy."  I have no idea why but it seems to suit him.  We took him into the orphan/charity clinic for his check-up the other day.  This is a center where the doctors are in training and it's pretty fun to go.  I've blogged about it here as we go every few months.  Or so....  It's amazing to see the difference in how he was sitting even six months ago,
Here are a few pictures from the check-up.  He thoroughly charmed the doctors as they gave him pens and cell phones to play with.  He was weighed fully dressed (diaper, onesie, thin long underwear, thick long underwear, corduroy pants, shirt and sweater- hey, it's cold here) so his weight was recorderd a little high.  But is is about 27 pounds (90th percentile) and 75th percentile for height. His measurements go on a  growth chart that is specific to kids with Down Syndrome.  They tend to be shorter and rounder and he fits that to a T.

Talking on the exam room phone.  Any phone has a magnetic draw for our little guy.  His ayi calls people up and lets him talk to them.  He can also pretend text on a cell phone.  I often find new phone numbers in my address book.  Or a different tone for the ring.  Or the ringer off.  So if you call me and I don't answer, it's possible that he has accidentally turned off my phone!

Notice that the nice doctors gave him the stethoscope. I'm not sure if he wants to be held, pulled or if they are holding something that he wants. They didn't say a lot of no to him!

Listening to his heart.  He watching the other doctor pretty intently.

Paul came along on the visit because I literally can not carry our little guy any more.  He is close to 30 pounds and his low muscle tone makes carrying him really hard-it's like carrying a sleeping child.  The clinic require a long taxi ride - that means carrying him while walking on a busy street to find a taxi- no way!  Later we had to get some blood tests (not a good experience) and I was so glad Paul was there to hold him- I don't think I could have done it.
It was a good visit and I am so thankful for the good medical care available to us.