Friday, January 20, 2012

Serving in the Phillippines for the Second Time.

Our daughter is in the Phillippines for the second time, serving in an orphanage and with displaced people.  Yes, it makes my heart swell as I look at this pictures.

Carrying wood beams in the heat of the day.

Building a hand.

Reading to one of the kids.

Can't wait to see her again next week!


beth said...

I am so proud of Elisabeth and I've never met her. What a giving girl!

doctressjulia said...

Awesome! Your daughter is a formidable person. Hooray for amazing women! I found your blog some time back, after I had returned from a month-long visit to China. I loved it: loved practicing my Mandarin, loved the land, the people, everything. As one without a BA, do you have any suggestions or leads on how I might work or volunteer to work in China? Optimally, I'd just like room and board. I'd really like to teach English, but I can split wood and shovel dirt, too. :D Xiexie...