Monday, February 6, 2012

Now is the winter of our discontent....

Yes, I know this quote from Richard the III is taken out of context here....but it is so freaking cold.  I may have mentioned a time or two or three or four......or more how much I hate the cold.  Hate really isn't even a strong enough word.  The cold here makes me want to cry.  It makes me feel upset and miserable and vulnerable.  It makes me not want to go out...ever.
We returned to school last week after five weeks of break.  The school heat had been off for five weeks....oh my!  We have these air conditioner/heater combo things in our classrooms called "kongtiaos."  They are actually pretty effective when the radiator heat goes down.  But after five week of cold, it took some time before the classroom warmed up. 
I have some fun things going on in the international school this semester.  My sixth grader is working on an autobiography project that is fun to watch progress.  My seventh graders are smart and really progressing in their English.  My eighth grader went back to her home country so I don't have an eighth grader. 
I started a charity knitting service project with the middle schoolers.  12 students signed up.  Pray for me next Friday as I try to teach them all to knit.  We will be knitting squares that will  be sewn together for blankets for one of the foster care homes here.  I've taught knitting before so it's a fun project all around.
Things have been relatively quiet hence the lack of blogging.  Elisabeth had an amazing time in the Philippines and wants to go back next summer and work in their teen home.  Our little guy spent some time at his ayi's apartment as we needed a break.  Taking care of a special needs little guy is exhausting. He isn't quite walking yet and still needs to be carried quite a bit.  He is very mobile with crawling and needs to be watched all the time.  Thankfully, he is still sweet and fun and a good sleeper.
Over the break, I read a book of the break on Quaker silence.  It was challenging to me as I feel that my life is full of noise.  Not just the noise of China but other noise- the internet for example. I feel challenged to look for more expectant stillness in my life.
Of course, we still have the unusual stuff in our life.
For example, Paul came home two days ago looking like this.

Yes- fire cupping.  This is about three days after it was done. It's supposed to draw out toxins. Hot glasses are put in the skin and left there for a while.   I asked Paul if he felt healthier and he said no.  At least he was game for one more cross cultural experience!


Tarasview said...

um.... fire cupping looks extremely painful!!!! Ouch! Did it hurt as badly as it looks like it did?

The cold makes me feel like crying sometimes too :(

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

I hear ya, I don't like the cold aT ALL either, but for some reason we are experiencing a rather mild one this year. I keep wondering if winter is going to hit me soon. That last photo looks like a clip from the newest karate kid movie.

Walking to China said...

Tara-he said it didn't hurt.