Monday, May 16, 2011

Some more of the foster babies.

This is the newest of the little foster babies.  Yay to the orphanage for calling our foster care organization and asking for a foster family.  Right now her medical needs are high- feeding issues and a seizure disorder.  Right now she is staying with one of the doctors who works with the orphan clinic.  She needs a more permanent foster family and we are hoping that a Chinese family will be willing to take care of her.  The woman holding her is one of the other doctors who works with the foster care program.  She is a hero to me because she is the doctor who found our little guy and got him into foster care.

Every few months, we have to take our little orphans to the clinic for an exam.  This is fun but lengthy  visit.and it's more fun to go with a friend.  We went with one of the other fostering families.  This little guy sitting next to our little guy is almost paper ready to go.  He just needs a family willing to accept some of his special needs.  He is another one that has come a long, long way through the loving care of a family.

Our little guy showing us that he can flex!

We asked our  Chinese friend who is going to take care of our little guy over the summer to come to the exam.  We wanted her to know where to take him if he got sick and to talk to the doctor about Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome is not a well known syndrome here and we wanted to her to have a greater understanding of where he was developmentally.

I think he will be well loved by this sweet sister.  And yes, he is teething like crazy!

Waiting, waiting.  This hospital is a training facility.  First you get asked questions by a resident.  This tends to be in Chinese and English.  Then the resident examines the baby.  Then the doctor comes in and asks questions and then examines the baby.  It's very thorough and well done and we are so thankful for such good care for our little guys.

The wonderful doctor Nancy getting her hair pulled while examining our little guy. Nancy was our doctor when our little guy was in the hospital last October and she really fought for him.  She is currently the foster mom for the little girl in the pictures above.  Yes-these doctors are amazing.
 In the background you can see the other foster mom and her little guy answering developmental questions.  You can not see the Chinese resident asking the questions but you can kind of see the visiting American medical student who is there observing.  A few minutes later, the Chinese doctor who was helped get our little guy into foster care and fought for him in the hospital came in to take a look.  Then more people came into admire these two little guys.  It was a great party.

One other little guy in our foster care program was adopted this week.  But so few of them actually are.  There are times when the reality of these children really hits me and it's a heart ripping feeling.  They are all special needs in one way or another and we hope for long term families for them.


Tarasview said...

praying praying praying for a miracle for sweet baby and his little friends :) said...

You guys are very very cool people. Love looking at your blog.

Sandy said...

Thanks. Your blog is great also. I think we have several mutual friends in NE China.

Sandy said...

Thanks. Your blog is great also. I think we have several mutual friends in NE China.