Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Clothes and other matters

We've been really blessed with the amount of clothing for our little guy that has been passed on to us.  One very generous friend just mailed us a box of darling new and gently used clothes for our little guy.  He is now quite fashionable!  Thank you, Maggi!

Summer pajama's with a frog theme.

Osh Kosh B' Gosh!  Adorable

Baseball onesie.

Not new clothes but a sweet sleep picture.  We find him in almost every position now.

Speaking of new clothes...we were sitting at an outdoor cafe in Thailand when I saw this dress hanging on a rack outside a small store.  I told Elisabeth to go and look at it and she looked, liked and tried it on.  It was on sale and a bargain.  Here she is all dressed up for the high school Spring Banquet.

Cute hair and pearls. top off this post...The Toilet Restaurant.  Elisabeth's mentor teacher took Elisabeth and the other student in her mentoring group out for lunch here.  I have no words so I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  


Shash said...

he's growing so fast! :) such a cutie.

that restaurant would have me in stitches. besides being odd... was the food good?

Walking to China said...

Elisabeth said it was good!

Janelle said...

Elisabeth looks like she stepped out of the 40s with that dress and the necklace. Beautiful!

India said...

that's so lame! our toilet restaurants in taipei don't have mexican!!!!

Tarasview said...

lol- I'm honestly not sure if I could make myself eat at the toilet restaurant! It kind of makes my stomach turn :)

YB looks so adorable and E looks beautiful!

clsesnon said...

Elizabeth is soooo beautiful...the little guy is just soo handsome...such precious jewels in your life!

joannmski said...

Beautiful girl and dress! I was fine with the toilet restaurant until the last picture with the swirly ice cream...hilarious. But should have ordered chocolate. :-)