Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bullet Points

I was inspired by my friend Gillian who blogs over here to do a bullet point kind of post.
My mind is full of details and my concentration is nill.  I am not having deep thoughts about much.  I mostly think about this summer, google calendar and trying to see as many people as possible before we return to China.

So in no special order.

1.  This summer we will be in California, Oregon, Washington,Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois and Canada.  More places will probably be added.
2.  We will fly into LA and visit Azusa Pacific College and then fly to San Jose about a day later.  I'm not sure that a college visit the day after you fly in to a country is the best idea but it was the only way to fit it in.
3.  In late June, we will fly to the Pacific Northwest and look at Seattle Pacific and Trinty Western.  In late July, we will be near Portland looking at George Fox.  There might be a Wheaton trip somewhere in July.
4.  We are looking forward to driving, Trader Joe's, new clothes, the ocean, closets and toilets that flush the first time.
5.  The sweet baby will stay with a Chinese friend for the summer.  We will miss him every day.
6.  Paul will be in China for the first seven weeks of our trip.  He will join us in July for a few weeks and then stay in the US for a while when Elisabeth and I go back to China.  
7.  We were thrilled to find lower priced tickets on Korean Air.  They are the best.
8.  Elisabeth took her AP history test last week and is at school right now taking AP English.  She has the SAT's on Saturday, June 5.
9.  The high school choir had their concert last week.  It was lovely.

Talking to one of the teachers.

Proud dad.

10.  Our little guy is teething like crazy.  Tylenol is our best friend.


mmichele said...

WHERE exactly in Canada and Minnesota!? Either might be do-able for me!!

prechrswife said...

Sounds like you have an incredibly busy summer ahead! Oh, and #10...our 2 year old is cutting all 4 2 year molars at once. Tylenol is our friend, too.

beth said...

I'm so "trained" by facebook. I kept wanting to click "like" after each bullet! I liked a lot of the bullets!

Tarasview said...

yes, like mmichele I want to know where in Canada you will be!!!

I went to a "prospective student" weekend at Trinity Western and LOVED it there. I would have gone there actually but just couldn't afford it. It is a wonderful school. I grew up in that area. I love it there :)

Walking to China said...

Michelle and Tara- we will only be in BC for about 2.5 days. Maybe next time I'll make it to your part of Canada.

Monica said...

Just had a college visit to Wheaton over Spring break and were very impressed. Our daughter is a junior and plans to audition for the Conservatory of Music next year. Best to you as you make your decision and enjoy your summer.