Monday, May 2, 2011

Mad Skilz!

Aside from a sweet personality and almost perpetual great attitude, our little guy is getting some great skills.
His sitting has improved dramatically-he rarely falls over.   He spends quite a bit of time looking at his cards.

He can transfer objects from one hand to the other.


Hand off!

Left!  And then repeat.

He is starting to bear weight on his legs.

Look, Mom!  No support but the pillow!

Isn't his round head cute?


Karen said...

Sandy he's a doll - what fun to see him thriving. Those first photos of him were heartbreaking. Praying for his future family!

prechrswife said...

So precious! I see he has a new haircut, too. :-)

Sharon Ankerich said...

Absolutely precious!!! :)

Kim and Greg said...

Always love seeing new pics of your little guy! He is so stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

Lillie's Mom said...

He's absolutely thriving in your love! Our social worker told us that the way our daughter grew and thrived in her first year in her new home had a lot to do with love and attention- not just calories. I was stunned- we thought that three squares and plenty of protein are what prompted her shocking growth. When we first met, she was an 11 yr old in a preschooler's body- went from 47 pounds to 80 in less than one year. Grew through 6 sizes of clothes in that time.

And as amazing as that change was, watching that sweet boy grow and change with your nurturing care is even more stunning to me... What a gift to watch from the sidelines... Thank you for being Hands and Feet to this precious boy!

Walking to China said...

Thanks for your kind words.

Jerry Jones said...

He is awesome.