Sunday, May 22, 2011

More bullet points

* This little guy has very high hopes for his relationship with the cat.  The other day, our little guy offered him a toy to play with.  However, the cat thinks that our little guy is a plaything...and watches him for wiggling toes and fingers.  Keeps us on our toes.

* Elisabeth just got back from the high school Spring trip to Inner Mongolia.  They spent the time at Shamineau East.  We have been there as a family twice and the camp has a very special place in our heart.  We are glad she got to go there again.

*  I am trying to teach our little guy to sleep later than 5 AM.  Any suggestions?  

*  We arrive in the US June 6.  The first place I am going to drive after not driving for two years....the LA freeways!

*  We are looking for a car to use in the STL area from June 29 - July 3/4.  E-mail me if you have one.

*  Airlines tickets are expensive!!  We used to be able to do the St. Louis - San Jose flight for about $250.00.  Now ...well, not for $250!  Car rentals, gas...oh my!

*The other day I was walking home from a meeting.  I was on a busy street and saw the police pulling a few cars over.  I think there had been a minor accident.  A guy selling pirated cd's  went riding by on his bicycle cart  and stopped to look at the situation.  No fear of arrest or trouble.  Different cultural understanding of the law.

* We can buy mango bingsha (ice sand) here for about 50 cents.  They are fantastic.  

*  The amazing thing about finding high school and college friends on Facebook is that they are middle aged.  How did that happen?


Tarasview said...

Aiden got up at 5 am for years... drove me crazy. Now he sleeps until 6:30 or 7 most days which is much better. I think he started sleeping longer when he stopped taking naps. Catch 22.

Walking to China said...

Yeah, at 18 months he is definitely still a napper. He falls asleep around 7 but wakes up at 5 no matter what. Someone suggested not feeding him right away when he wakes up. I think we are going to try that...feed him 15 minutes after he wakes up and keep going from there.

coffee_pot said...

fb friends have definitely aged since high school! I love reading about the cultural differences you experience!

Amelia said...

Sandy - Let me talk to Jeff. We have a third car that is not being used because Jackie is not licensed. However it is currently uninsured as well. Let me see if we can either insure it for just a few weeks, or how much more it would be to insure for the few months before Jackie (hopefully) will need it.

toe-sheep said...

jder and lder may have a car to lend...while you are in stl