Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Not quite right" Sightings.

A friend of mine suggested the title for the kind of English that we often see here.  I thought it was fantastic so thanks, Christie!  Christie is actually my former next door neighbor that I grew up with.
So here a few that cracked me up.

These are from some offices/apartments going up near our language school.

GuangRong Stree No.22 Centeris becoming prosperous in all directions.  That's actually not bad!

Live in the city center commanded the whole world.

Constant dripping wears away the stone. (A very Chinese thought)  A smashing gift made by Huarai Estates.  I'm just not sure what this has to do with the building in question.  

Another apartment complex going up.  There is actually nothing wrong with the English.  The strong sentiment or hyperbole is so interesting to me.

This is in a new and expensive mall where we actually did some "dinning."  

And finally-some truth in advertising.  Indeed, drive your own way!  On the side walk, blowing on the horn, any speed limit, any way you like!

Add a "d" to "appropriate" and it will make sense.


Brian and Eva said...

did you notice the typo in "directiongs"?

Brian and Eva said...

did you notice the "directiongs" typo? I look at it every day when I walk past...