Thursday, September 23, 2010

I confess

that I bought this bread simply so that I could take a picture of the label.

It was simply too good to pass up.  I bought it at the store that promises us that we can buy "presh" food there.  Okay, then!  As long as the Bimbo bread is presh!


Tanya said...

How funny! I see these "Bimbo" trucks on the freeway here all the time (Los Angeles).

Did a double take the first time I saw it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It must be so entertaining to see how they write/compose our English sentences! I've really enjoyed it.

Just don't ask me to write or say anything in Chinese!

Pam Terrell said...

They have the exact same Bimbo bread in Nicaragua. I told them what it meant in the US and we all had a good laugh.

prechrswife said...

HIlarious! I've seen these labels before, but they always make me laugh. :-)

mmichele said...

We got bimbo bread in Mexico. Bimbos are taking over the world!