Saturday, July 16, 2011

What we've been doing

Mostly hanging out with friends.  These are friends at a tea organized by my friend Cathy.  It was a sweet time.

Elisabeth spoke at the CGC teen lock-in.  Sorry the picture is so small.  I heard she spoke really well.

It really is a pleasure and delight to be here and just catch up with friends.  It makes me realize what good friends we have and how much I've missed them.
We have one more week in Columbia and then back to CA next Friday. We meet up with Paul on Saturday morning and then have week of Visa renewal, seeing friends, traveling and seeing one more college.  It's pretty exciting.
We are hoping to hear some good news about our little guys future soon.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.  Good things are happening!
I've been asked to bring back children's chewable  or liquid vitamins for our foster care agency to give out to foster parents and different orphanages. They are out of vitamins. If you are interested in giving to this project, please e-mail me.  My address can be found in the blogger profile.  You can either send me vitamins, send a check or donate to my paypal account.  We leave for China August 5 and need to have this completed by August 3.  This is nothing tax deductible or super - official.  Just something I've been asked to do and definitely a needed thing.

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