Friday, May 18, 2012

The Monkey Boy passes his adoption physical.

While I was gone on the Middle School Trip, our little guy got to go to the doctor. Right before I left, we got the e-mail telling us that the little guy needed to go to the hospital for his adoption physical.  I was really sad to miss that as it just seemed to make the adoption process on the China end real.  So in the spirit of over-preparation, I made Paul a long list of the sweet baby's development and made him promise to tell the doctor everything I wrote.  Then the appointment turned out to be on a day that he couldn't go.  So our beloved ayi (helper/aunty) took him. I had Paul coach her in what to say to the doctors and then our foster care person called her and coached her again.
The exam was at the same hospital where he spent five days with pneumonia when we first got him.  She said that the exam was fairly simple- ears, eyes, throat and that they asked a few questions.  She however, insisted on telling them all the things he can do.  No way was she not going to brag about him.  It's hard to describe how much we owe our ayi.  Her love for him is a strong as ours and her heart will be broken when he goes to his forever family.  She knows that is the best future for him and she will love him (as we will) forever.  The examiner said that he looked great, asked a few questions and did the paperwork.  Real progress!
So in the spirit of the exam (and the foster tiger mama), here is the list of what he can do now.  He is 2. 6 months old and a bundle of fun and energy.
Chinese- Mama, Baba, Jie Jie,Ayi, Zai Jian
English- Hi, bye, No and maybe "more."
Sign language- Signs for more which he has generalized into "want."  So what ever he wants, he signs "more."  Also sign for full or in Chinese "Chi bao le" when he is satisfied with his eating.

Imaginary Play
Pretends to cry
Rocks and pats his stuffed animals
Pretends to sleep while on our bed
Pretends to be a tiger with a tiger noise and claws
Can make duck, chicken, cat and dog noises
Makes car noises when he plays with his cars

Pulls to a stand on his own or by holding on
Stands for 30 seconds or more
Walks with support- wants two hands.
Throws balls...and other things :)

He likes to walk behind these stools.

Self feeds by hand
Learning to use fork and spoon
Eats- oatmeal, yogurt, jiaozi (dumplings), noodles, rice,crackers, tortillas, bananas, apples, pears, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.  Not a big meat fan but lives on eggs.
Drinks from a sippy cup-water, apple juice, milk.
Loves watermelon seeds but we discourage them because the diapers are awful

Toys- loves books, puzzles, stacking cups, trains, cars, stuffed animals, balls

Sleep- 9-10 hours a night 7PM - 5:30 AM.  Yes, we have tried putting him down later so that he would sleep many, many people have told us.  He still wakes up super early.
Naps about two hours.  Go to sleep on his own- loves his crib.

Loves his jie jie!


DJ Jazzy Jeff said...

Go little man!

My daughter learned to walk by pushing a stool too :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh how I wish we could be his forever family!! Just too young for hubby!!!

He sounds like he is developing great!!!

You saved his life!!!

Amelia said...

My kids were like that. They had a wake up time. I could mess with their go to bed time all I wanted ... it did not affect their wake up time.