Friday, May 14, 2010

Living the ordinary life in an extraordinary place.

Our lives here are really ordinary.  We still brush our teeth, do homework, shop, clean and all the stuff necessary to survive.  There are differences of course- we shop on bikes or in a taxi.  We eat with chopsticks a lot.  We use many of the same brands (Colgate toothpaste for example) that have Chinese characters all over them.
One thing that is part of our "normal life" is the Spring concert.  Since our daughter has been very young, there has been a recital, a band concert, and orchestra concert or something similar every Spring.  Last week was no exception as the Shenyang International School had its Spring Concert.
Pictures below.

The first few songs were beautiful sacred songs accompanied by flute, violin and piano.

The boys section.  You really have lived until you've seen a group of Korean high school boys sing "Joshua fit the battle of Jericho."

Whole choir


After the intermission, small groups came and performed.  These Korean girls did the Pachabel Canon in D.  It was exquisite.

Other groups came and performed contemporary Christian music and Korean pop music.  It was really fun.

Just a small sample of the ordinariness of our extraordinary life.

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beth said...

I love how easily Elisabeth has fit in and found friends. What a wonderful girl!