Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nan Hu Park

I had a few minutes last Friday between language school and my next committment.  Paul had a meeting, so I rode my bike through this park.  Spring has arrived in NorthEast China and every one is outside.
The first people I came upon were swinging chains. Literally.  I heard an Indiana Jones type crack and followed the sounds.  A group of people were swinging chains that were wrapped in leather on the top and bottom.  They were really friendly and invited me to try.  So I did.  I could swing the chain over my head but couldn't crack it.  I really was afraid of hitting myself with the chain.  So after a few failed cracks, I demurred, thanked them and rode off.

The duck boats were on the river.

A man was playing a traditional Chinese instrument to the accompaniment of a cd.  It was exquisite.

The beautiful wavy bridge and more boats.

A place to eat lunch.  This is a reproduction, not something historical.

This are three rather bad pictures of a bird.  I see them all the time. They are a kind of cross between a blue jay and a magpie.  They fly and feed in flock. If anyone know what they are, let me know.

Revolutionary statue.

Stuffed animals for kids to post for pictures on.

There is also an amusement with this huge ferris wheel.  You'd have to pay me some major money to get me on this.  I've have friends who have been on and lived to tell the tale but I doubt I'll ever get on.

It was a beautiful Spring day and I felt very privileged to spend on hour riding through this beautiful park.


Tricia said...

I think that bird might be an azure-winged magpie (scientific name Cyanopica cyana).

(I saw your blog listed on my friend Ruth's blog, so I came over to take a look.)

Walking to China said...

Ding, ding ding! You are right!
Thank you!
I love Ruth's blog!

She Goes Public said...

That ferris wheel must be styled after the London Eye!

(Tez knows the inside joke about the Eye and my Dude. heh)