Wednesday, June 16, 2010

China Culture Test!

It's a holiday here in China.  It is celebrated more strongly in the South of China and in Taiwan.  Nevertheless, there is still special food for sale and some traditions are upheld.

So what is this?   Bonus points if you can name what kind of egg is on the plate.

Another view.

These branches were for sale all over the city today.

What are the branches and what do they symbolize?

Guess away!


India said...

ooh, ooh! it's duanwu, and those are probably duck eggs, although if your zongzi are as big as mine, they'd have to be goose eggs.

i have no idea about the branches, though...

Tanya said...

I was thinking some kind of seaweed, and quail eggs, but those aren't big enough for quail ...

Can't wait to hear what's inside.

Ellie said...

I was going to say duck eggs, too. And the wrapped stuff? Banana leaf wrapped sweet rice?

The branches? Weeping willows? Seems like the only thing other than eucalyptus that would be long enough and eucalyptus like hot weather.

Why? To welcome summer? To ward off evil spirits? To increase fertility - but that is not likely in a China, I think.

Am I allowed three guesses?