Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We interrupt this scenic tour of Beijing....

for this.
I was shopping in the big semi-foreign grocery store today and I saw this.  This store has a no camera's sign but China has no rule of law.  I decided that in this amazing circumstance, the rule did not apply to me and  I surreptitiously took these pictures.

Yes, it's Jew's Ear Juice in the Juice section.

Close up View.

"Quality Jew's Ear selected from Changbai Mountain."

The character's say Hei1 Mu4 Er3 Lu4 which means's "wood ear juice."  According to Wikepedia, "Jew's Ears" is an derogatory name from the Middle Ages for wood fungus.  Apparently, it has stuck in China!
Here is a link to a site that reviews drinks like this.  http://newatlasbev.com/450/juice/jews-ear-juice/

Language-it never fails to fascinate!

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