Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday in China

Our lovely daughter is off in Yunnan on her service trip.  So Paul and I are getting a feel of what our life will be like in two years.  So far it's tidier, a little quieter and a little strange!
Anyway, it's Sunday.  We started out our morning at our group of like minded foreigners where we had excellent teaching and a very thoughtful time.  We came home and took a short nap and then rushed off to our Chinese afternoon group.  After an hour and a half of teaching and singing in Chinese (I can now read 3 out of five characters up on the song screen!), we taught a class.  Monday through Wednesday of this week are days off for the Dragon Boat Festival.  But university and high school students have to make them up over the weekend.  So our class was a little low.  After class, we all walked over to a school where a basketball game had been arranged between the Chinese students and the international school staff.

Playing at a local school

Philippines, Fiji and the USA.  The World Cup has nothing on our teams!

Who won?  I'm not sure anyone knew.

After the game ended, we rode past this group who greeted us cheerfully.  We had garlic chicken, rice and green beans for about $3.00.  We bought a new toilet seat from a small store.  We bought apples, bananas, cherries from a fruit stall and mushrooms and carrots from a vegetable stall.

Paul bargained for a fan.

Fan in the back, toilet seat in the basket!

Home around 9:00 to crash!

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Carla said...

India competed in Dragon Boat races this past week. She caught the flag in one race. She completed with fellow workers from the language school where she teaches.