Saturday, August 14, 2010

Opening our home

One of our main reasons for moving to our new apartment was to be able to have people over more easily.  We like it when people stop by to hang out for a while or come over for dinner and games.
Last night, Elisabeth had the junior class of her high school over - all but two came.  They had pizza and popcorn  Popsicle's  and pocky.  They hung out, watched Sherlock Holmes and played UNO.  It was a good night.

The hanging out part.

Ordering pizza- this Korean kid spoke the best Chinese.

"I Like New York Pizza"


And look who else came to visit!  The little guy that I posted about below.  We agreed to do some respite care on a regular basis for his foster mom.  He came over last night and will stay for the weekend.  He is literally the same size as our cat.  Our cat is totally fascinated by him and can't figure out if he is an animal or what!  After much sniffing, he basically stays away.
The baby is totally mellow.  That is sad if you think about it.  An 11 month old should be crawling and pulling up and getting into all kinds of trouble.  This little guy just lies there.  He rolls from side to side, plays with his hands.  He makes great eye contact and can track.  He needs to be fed every two hours and he is hungry!  He doesn't seem to sleep a lot but he is no trouble at all.  It's fun to have him.


beth said...

Oh Sandy! That looks like a lot of fun!

And I love that you are helping out with the little guy. He needs all the love and food that he can get!

Jan said...

So glad that you are in a bigger place now. Hospitality is so important in other cultures and for you guys. The high school night looked like lots of fun. I miss those days!

Mama's Three Little Burkey's said...

You guys are awesome! Love how you just both love!!!

Mama's Three Little Burkey's said...

You guys are awesome! Love how you both just give and love!!!