Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Real Eat, Pray, Love.

When he was found three weeks ago.

He is growing some hair, getting some leg muscles and his chest is filling in a little. He cries, has little temper tantrums and smiles.  It's all pretty miraculous for a baby that was almost dead a few weeks ago.
Being fed, prayed for an loved.  That is the key!


mmichele said...

The real Eat, Pray, Love, indeed. I still can hardly bear to look at his first photos... cannot believe how people could allow that, could see him him starve.

Wow. Wish I could help you for a day.

Ms Barbara said...

You are angels!

Tanya said...

So glad you guys are taking care of this little guy. He is blessed.

jjnscat49 said...

You can really see a difference from the first photo to the last. Breaks my heart. I think about our round fluffy babies. Not sure people realize what happens to babies in orphanages around the world. It's terrible. BUt thank goodness he is beginning to thrive. THere are studies that holding a baby helps them grow.

Manda said...

What a change! I know God brought you to China for so many different reasons, and what a precious one this is!! You are all in our hearts and prayers, many blessings to you!

PS...I love that he's sticking his tongue out at the photographer in the last pic!

She Goes Public said...

I finally had time to read all the way down your baby posts this morning. I'm astounded! The thing that got me was that (in one of the posts) this little guy is 11 months old. That hit me like a ton of bricks.

This is sort of a dream come true...who ever thought it would be like this?! Wow. God is good!