Sunday, November 28, 2010

If you have any kind of nebulous relationship with food...

or doubts where food comes from...
China may not be your kind of place.
These were all taken in Beijing this weekend.

Um...I just don't think I could.

Starfish and creatures.

Lizards and I think scorpions.

These were still alive and they were moving their legs....Yes, as yucky as it sounds.

These looked good- some kind of fish.

Leetle, leetle birds.  Maybe this is why China has so few birds flying in the sky.

We had this for lunch-meat and vegetables in a was good!

The cereal aisle at Jenny Lou's- western grocery store.  Almost anything can be had for a price!


Alida said...

um yeah... I don't like seeing meat that is too fresh. I like it all wrapped up and sanitized. I am such an American!

joannmski said...


My husband will love this. Am going to cross post if you don't mind.

mmichele said...

Maybe Rich and Joey should plan a food trip to Beijing... he would eat it, too.

Tanya said...

eww! Can't get over that they were still alive on those skewers. (shudder) LOL!