Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is coming to China!

Last week we had a lovely concert at our daughter's school.  It was traditional Christmas music and just perfect. At the end, they sang "Peace, peace" and we sang "Silent Night."  When I was in high school, our high school choir sang this in our church every Christmas Eve.  It was really nice to hear it again.
Here are a few pictures.

This is our foster baby's first foster mom  holding our foster baby and  standing by our daughter.  She has also fostered another little guy who looks like he is heading towards being adopted.  Our little guy stayed with her the first week he was out of the orphanage.  She hadn't seen him since August and there were many tears shed by both of us as we looked at how changed he was.

The school principal with translation into Korean and Chinese.

The middle school choir.  Is there any time sweeter or geekier than middle school.

Christmas music played on traditional Chinese instruments.

The high school choir comes out.

Close up of Elisabeth and others.

Sweet baby with his friend Esther.

Another picture of his first foster mom.


Lillie's Mom said...

Not sure how I found your blog- blog-hopping I'm sure- but it has quickly become one of my favorites! Love, love reading updates about your family and daily life there. Plus that baby is most precious. :0) As mom to one beautiful daughter from China, your insights into the people/culture/language of her country are quite a gift to me. Thanks so much for writing and sharing!

Walking to China said...

Oh, that is really nice! Thank you!

She Goes Public said...

So fun to share in your evening! And look at that boy, he is positively fatsy. Hurray!