Friday, December 3, 2010

A few more Beijing scenes.

A non-crowded Beijing subway car.

Yes, the Olympic Sites.  Pretty much as fantastic as they were portrayed on TV.   I am glad we went.

In front of the Bird's Nest.  But more importantly, look at my hat.  It's my Noro hat, knit in Noro Kureyon.  I knit it several years ago and I love everything about it.  This trip, I lost it.  I think I lost it on the train on the way back to our city. Fellow knitters, I know you feel my pain.  

The Bird's Nest-totally cool.

Lamps in the Bird's Nest theme.

IBM Building across the street.  China is full of these kinds of creatively designed buildings.

We saw these being sold all over China- Army guys crawling with a Chinese flag.  Somehow, I don't think that's the image China is really trying to promote of its country.

Possibly Tibeten or other minority women in beautiful outfits and heavy winter coats.  I would have liked to take closer pictures but hold fast to the idea that people are not tourist photo opportunities.

We went to a basketball game at a beautiful international school.  It was way on the edge of Beijing and was just stunning.  It looked like a really good school.

Look-this school has a coffee bar...and a koi pond.  And probably the price tag to go with it.

Does this look like China or America?  Yes- real houses!  Across the street from the school.  It's a heavily populated foreigner areas.  It was kind of comforting to see houses!

In the foreign bookstore in Beijing.  Even if  your theological or political beliefs disagree with these books, it's amazing that they are here.  Amazing.

We were walking along the street when we looked up and saw this.  It brought tears to our eyes to think of the faithful who have gone before us.

Cool American Teenager!

And where was our sweet baby while we were in Beijing?  Being loved on by friends.

He stayed with our sweet friends who all ready have four children.  The mom is actually the doctor who found him and helped get him into foster care.  What a great opportunity for our little guy to have more practice being with a family!  Here is hoping for the future for him!

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I found you through mutual comments on a couple other blogs, and had to stop by! You will probably see lots of "Denton, TX" popping up in your live feed, so just be aware that it's me stalking you. :)