Friday, March 25, 2011

Still persevering

before our Father, who loves him more than we do.  We are thankful for the many who are persevering with us.

Don't buckle me in!

Carrots are good!

Yes, a messy eater... and an enthusiastic one!

We are heading to Tianjin for the weekend to see some things and go to the Choral Festival.   Elisabeth and her classmates are there practicing with students from international school from all over China.  The concert is tomorrow night.  We are looking forward to having a few days away to relax and regroup.


Sally-Girl! said...

He makes me smile. Seeing your post makes me smile even more!

Jodi said...

He is so sweet!!! And a very contagious smile!!

Lillie's Mom said...

Look at all that big-boy hair! Persevering in prayer on his behalf. And yours. Thankful we both know the One who is always good. Even when life hurts. Have been thinking about you and yours- thank you so much for the update!

KD said...

Sweet baby! Praying still.

prechrswife said...

There's that precious big boy! Love those smiles!