Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, it's still winter here.

It's March 3 and the days are getting longer and lighter.  The sky looks a little different and we occasionally have temperatures above freezing.  Our heat goes off April 1 and it's all ready starting to go down a little.  We are still wearing long underwear and many layers.  Occasionally my parents torture send us pretty cards with beautiful pictures of early California Spring.  I'd like to reciprocate with this picture of early Spring in our city.

Yes, the dregs of icy snow with coal dust and trash.  It's lovely, isn't it?

Yet, hope springs eternal and I went out looking for signs of Spring today.  I went out to the river near our apartment to go bike riding.  Here are some signs of Spring..and signs that it really is still winter.

Ah!  Some moving water and a little ice.

Wait!  What is this?  A man ice fishing a few hundred yarns down?

Across the river, large groups of men ice fishing.  They must be pretty confident that the ice will hold them all.

Swimming?  Of course.  Look below.

Don't you do laps surrounded by ice?  At least it's a short length.

Next to the swimmer, two ice skaters.  They did stay pretty close to the shore.

This man was confident enough of the ice that he brought his bicycle on the ice!  He must have mad cycling skills.

This is hopeful- going west and seeing some of the ice melt.

The lock has flowing water.

Look at the thickness of that ice!  Imagine how thick it is midwinter.

Not a sign of Spring-just cuteness waiting for me when I got home.

Also not a sign of Spring- a sign of patience and kindness.  This is my tutor with our little guy.  I adore her.


Sharon Ankerich said...

SO happy it is almost spring!!! Love all your photos!!! :)
blessings and joy!

Jan said...

fun pictures Sandy! loved the lap swimming one- I'll have to show Doug!

Kristi said...

Doing laps surrounded by ice? No thank you...