Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things that are making me laugh.

I've often said that a sense of humor is the unnamed fruit of the spirit.  Being able to laugh and just enjoy things is key to so much, especially in living overseas.  So in that are things that are making me laugh these days.

Did you know we had a little old village woman that lived in our home?  Our little guys loves this shawl and loves being wrapped up in it.  I don't know if it's a characteristic of Down Syndrome but he loves things with texture that he can touch and feel.  This shawl with yarn imported from Uruguay fits the bill perfectly!

Total joy at new books and a new battery operated toothbrush at Christmas.  We should all be so thankful!

Maybe Succcss in Service.  But not in spelling.

NE China is dry and cold.  The saga of trying to find lotion that doesn't have whitening stuff in it, isn't greasy or doesn't require me to cash out a retirement account to buy is a blogspot all its own.  In my quest to find lotion, I discovered this scratching cream at a Watson's Drugs.  I bought it because, well, how could I not?  It was irresistable! Both Elisabeth and I used it in the shower and there was no scratching.  The word "sand" is in the characters but this was basically shower gel.

Taken surreptiously in the line at the ATM.

I bought a new bike.
I want to go to give you a ride home
This weekend.

Awesome misspelling on pirated sweats.  I wonder if they also use child labor to make their clothes.

This was on a bag of bread that we got at Ole- an overpriced grocery store in an upscale mall.  The bread was fantastic but I think we know what food is.

I passed by these two charming ladies as I walked to the bank.  They were dressed exactly alike.  They aren't twins, most likely good friends.  This isn't unusual here- I once saw a group of about five elderly women all dressed in the same purple hat.

Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine....

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Alida said...

I love seeing him wrapped up in that shawl...oh, the cuteness!