Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We have a touch of the naughties.

I came  home  today to our helper standing in the bedroom with a screw driver, hammer and nails.  She was lowering the level on the crib because our little guy can now pull himself to a stand and it's "dangerous,  really  dangerous."  Of course, the level right now is so low that I'm not sure I'll be able to get him out!
Yes,  we have a touch of the two's here.  From the throwing food off  his high chair to saying "No" in a perfect Chinese accent, it's  been a little naughty around here.

However, disciplining someone who is so delightful and fun isn't easy. Also,  how do you get upset with  someone who looks so cute in his pajamas?!

Or someone who pats and loves on his elephant?

Or someone who plays cars and makes car noises....total boy!

Or someone who doesn't want to nap and  then falls asleep sitting up! Yes....he is very flexible! One of the characteristics  of  Down Syndrome.

See the puffy pants in his crib?

See the clothes on the bed and the unrepentant look on his face?  He got them off the window sill and threw them in his crib and on the floor.  They are now farther away from his reach!
It's funny to see how he tests us.  Our helper doesn't  like him to put his hands in his mouth and she is always telling him no.  So as  soon as she walks in the door, he looks at her and puts his hand in his mouth. Testing, testing 1 2 3!
For  us,  he goes for the computer cord.  That gets an immediate reaction from us...just what he wants!

One more thing that is cracking me up. When we were in Thailand last year, we bought this beautiful celedon Nativity Set.
I've been looking forward to putting it out all year.

It's  really lovely....except  for  one little thing....

One of the wise men appears to have an executioner's hood on. I'm thinking that's  not part of the usual nativity set.


prechrswife said...

He is too cute! I wondered if the hands in the mouth thing was a Chinese thing because I'm pretty sure MJ's foster mother was like your helper. MJ would not put her hands or anything else in her mouth when she was a baby, which in some ways was nice, but it also meant that she wouldn't feed herself for a loooonng time.

pwnmom said...

Precious post!! He is really cute... unfortunately, you still have to discipline. It's been so hard with our youngest, 'cause she's ADORABLE too! :)

And that nativity-- OH MY!! How odd is that? Good gravy. Too funny.

Walking to China said...

Yes,hand in the mouth is a big no in China. Self feeding is not encouraged either,esp.by hand. Fortunately our helper is wonderful and willing to let him work on self feeding.

gillian said...

LOL! The little dude is such a cutie!

And I am wondering where I can get a Nativity scene like that? Awesome.

Walking to China said...

Chiang Mai Celedon factory.

Jemma said...

Traditionally one of the three magi/wise men/kings was said to be from Africa - that's maybe what the nativity set makers were going for, rather than the executioner's hood!

Sally-Girl! said...

I love to get nativities sets from places I have been. I have never found one in China nor Korea.

Your case of the naughties is very cute!!! Really can he get any cuter???

Anonymous said...

Myrrh was used for embalming, a burial spice, an odd gift for a baby, symbolizing the death of Jesus. Maybe the person who made the little figurine wanted to symbolize that. Or maybe he messed up the face and thought it prudent to paint over it rather than discarding the piece.

Kristi said...

Following your blog and journey with your little guy sure has given me a new perspective on DS. He is just precious, even if a bit naughty...