Sunday, March 18, 2012

What have we learned?

Sitting in a pile of laundry.

We have had our little guy for a year and 8 months now.  We "forget" that he has Down Syndrome.  We don't see the physical differences and the cognitive delays.  He is just our little guy to us....
But this morning, I found myself googling "Discipline and Down Syndrome."  He is two...oh so very two.  But also so very 15 months...and 18 months.  His development is all over the place.  
So he grabs our hair and we tell him no....and show him how to touch hair gently.  He laughs and pulls again.
He doesn't want the food we give him, so he spits it out and throws it on the ground.
We need to be aware that he has Down Syndrome...not that he is Down Syndrome!  He is more like us than different.  But the way he learns and processes is different than a typical child.
We have learned a lot...but still have far to go.

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