Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bad Blogger update.

Life hasn't been very dramatic or unusual lately so I haven't had much to blog about.  Plus our internet has been sketchy and uploading pictures has been slooooow.
So a few things that have been happening.

I am in a book club where we read classic literature.  We met a few weeks ago to discuss our latest books (Love in the Time of Cholera and The Movie Goer).  None of us were all that enthusiastic about either of them but the little guy thought they were cool.

Our next book is Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now.  I started it last week and so far am really liking it.  However, I keep envisioning the Downton Abbey characters in my head as I read.  It's about the same time period and some of the same issues.

I was recently in a city a few hours from us.  While walking down the street, I was greeted by this  little guy.

Being a dog in China is a pretty good gig.

I saw this on the wall of a Chinese school.

Character is higher than intellect.  I love this, especially in this land that worships the mind.

So what is up with us in the next few months?
Well, thanks to the generosity of a gift given to us last summer and some Christmas gifts, Elisabeth and I are heading to Korea on Tuesday for Spring Break.  I hope to meet up with some old students and Elisabeth hopes to meet some friends from the international school.  We will mostly be in Seoul and want to see all the sights.  Korea is about an hour from us by air and we are so excited to finally see it.  Sadly, Paul can not go with us because of his work.  China is not on Spring Break!
We are in the process of trying to envision what our life will be like in the future.  Elisabeth will go off to college....sad and wonderful at the same time.  Despite our efforts to have our foster son declared adoptable, it seems that his life will be in China.  We do not believe that international adoption is the only answer for orphan issues.   A loving Chinese family can provide a secure environment for him also.  We are heartbroken to have to give him up but we think that it is in his best interest to bond with a long term Chinese family.  We have no guarantee that he will ever be declared adoptable even though we strongly believe that he is a great candidate for adoption.  Therefore, we do not think that staying with us longer is best for him.  It would be cruel to be with us or several years, only to have us return to the US and have to give him up at a later age.  
So please pray for and with us as we search for the right family for him.  We weep every day at the thought o of not having him but we want what is best for him.  It's a hard reality.


Tarasview said...

praying every day for the right family for your sweet boy!

I hope you and E. have the most wonderful time in Korea :)

Rebekah Sanders said...

Praying for you all! I can't imagine having to give up one you love so much - especially knowing what he faces. So hard on the heart!

Have a great time on your trip!

deb said...

I can only imagine how hard it is for you to think about letting him go. I also know that your idea from the begining was to be a bridge for him, to love and nurture him and bring him safely to a permanent place where he can thrive. I don't have to tell you how precious what you've given him is. I can pray that you will have continued contact with him and that he will find the home he (and all children!) deserves, with people who will love and celebrate him. . . and that you get to be a part of that!

We adopted our son in 2005 from Shenyang at the age of 3; he is an incredible child, but I ache for those 3 lost years. I'm pretty sure he had no one in his life like your family. To this day we see the impact of that lack.

I am also acutely aware that my children have lost so much through international adoption. I wouldn't wish any other life for me but the one that has them in it, but for them, I wish a life where they were never seperated from their culture.

Sharon said...

Oh my heart and prayer goes out to you guys. You have loved him well and given him such a great start. Praying the right family in China steps forward.

~ Teresa ~ said...

Praying for the right family to be found and for your peace with such a difficult decision.