Tuesday, April 24, 2012

But why not a hanbok museum?

One of the things I love about Korea is the Hanbok-the traditional dress of both men and women that (let's face it), only looks good on Koreans and other skinny people. My daughter is wearing one in the header of the blog.
Several years ago, I had an ESL student who had studied hanbok design as an undergraduate.  She explained to us the intricacies of hanbok design and tried to teach our clumsy fingers to make hanbok paper dolls. It was fascinating.  Making hanbok is an art.
So why not a hanbok museum explaining the philosophy and design of making hanbok?  I would go...after all, we went to the kimchi museum.  More on that later.
So here are a few of the hanbok we saw.

Ancient clothing in the Folk Museum - not actually hanbok.

Beautiful sheer hanbok and hanbok tops at the Folk Museum.

Children's hanbok.

In a store window.

On a scroll in the national museum.

The Hanbok section of one of the markets...if we'd only had a Korean person with us so that we could have had one made for Elisabeth.

Korea Tourism Officials...what do you think? Is a hanbok museum a possibility?

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