Friday, April 20, 2012

The Women of Valor.

Look at these women-true women of valor.

These women are single, married, divorced.  Some are Chinese, some area foreigners.  One is a doctor, two are nurses, some have little education.

Look at these women.  Look at their faces as stories are told.  Stories of children who needed mothers.  Stories of a girl who talked at twelve.  Stories of breast cancer survival.  Stories that included words like hydrocephalus, surgery, abandonment, grief.  Stories of miracles of healing, of first words, of live.

Look at these women who loved children for a time....and then let them go to forever families knowing that was best for the children.

Look at these women.  One of the single women told a story of hearing God tell her that she would have a son.  She said "How can that be?  I am not married"  We laughed and said she sounded like Mary.  She did have a son- a foster son who now lives in America.  Then she had more.

Look at these women-being told to prepare to grieve as the children go to permanent families.  I took that to heart, for sure.

Look at these women-women of deep faith and deep love.  One came to faith watching her sister care for a child with Down Syndrome.

Look at these women-laughing and listening.  What a gift.
They are women of valor-Eshet Chayil!


prechrswife said...

Beautiful, just beautiful...As the parent of a child who had an amazing foster mother in China as an infant, I so appreciate these ladies and all they do. "Women of Valor" is a very appropriate title. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel H. Evans said...

True women of valor!

Thank you for sharing their stories with us.

Sarah Bessey said...

Eshet Chayil! You are counted among them, Sandy.