Thursday, April 12, 2012

Korea- the first day.

Elisabeth and I flew to Korea last Tuesday, thanks to the generosity of some friends and some Christmas gifts. We stayed at a small hostel that was a little out of the way but clean and comfortable.
Our first afternoon there, I happened to see a sign that said "Foreign Missionary Cemetery."  So we headed over and took a look.

It was really quite moving to see the graves of the many who had sacrificed so much for their faith and chosen to be buried in their adopted country.  Occasionally, there would be small signs with stories of the families and their work- teaching, preaching, medical work and more.

Some of the graves.

Particularly moving were the children's graves.  What a hard thing to leave your child's resting place behind.

We saw many beautiful things in Korea but this was powerfully moving to me.

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Jennie said...

This gives me chills and tears at the same time.