Sunday, July 18, 2010

More language viewings.

Language continues to be an endless source of fascination for us.  Some of it is poorly translated or semantically incorrect.  Even more fascinating are the different languages represented here.  Here a  couple of examples from our time in Inner Mongolia.

The bus station in Hai La Er in Mongolian, Chinese and English.

Hotel near the camp (road goes to Russia) in Mongolian, Chinese, Russian and English.

Store with multi-lingual signs.

Bus station in Man Zhou Li on the Russian/Chinese border.

In our hotel in Man Zhou Li.  Chinese, English of a sort and Russian.

This name cracked us up.

Chinese,Mongolian, Korean and Russian in Man Zhou Li.

We ate at this Korean restaurant in Man Zhou Li.  In spite of the pictures of Korean food and the woman in the Han bok, in the upper left hand corner it says "Japanese" in English.

Didn't buy this.

After all the rice we ate the last two weeks, this might not have been a bad thing to buy.

Does this hotel sign look familiar to anyone used to staying in low cost hotels in the USA?

We confess- we ate there.


Ellie said...

So what exactly did the maxlove every moment store sell?!

Oh, you should have bought the amorous feelings bag - what a thing to keep in a scrapbook!

Walking to China said...

Maxlove is a bakery. We bought some muffins- not bad!
After two weeks sleeping in yurt, we weren't really up for Mongolian amorous feelings.