Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some of the things we did at camp.

We did crafts- these were friendship bracelets.

Rode horses.  City kids in China are remarkably detached from nature and animals.  Most of the girls rode but several of the boys said that they were afraid and wouldn't get on a horse.  We tried to learn how to say "Man up" in Chinese but were unsuccessful.

We had rally's with songs every day.  We did old camp songs like "Father Abraham,"  "Deep and Wide" and others.  The favorite song was "He knows My Name."  Seeing this group of children sing this song was very moving.

We had a bonfire on top of the hill across from the camp.  We roasted corn flavored marshmallows and put them on digestive biscuits with Dove chocolate for s-more's.  They weren't bad.

The boys were boys.

Elisabeth dancing with warm hearted Noomin who works at the camp.

Mongolian Mary, Helen ( a remarkable high school student) and Noomin dance.

The camp workers.

Friends.  These two Mongolian girls had such sweet natures.  I really enjoyed them.

We saw sunsets like this almost every day.  This is looking in the direction of Russia.

Aside from our nature curriculum, we did three days of holidays- New Years, Christmas and Easter.  For Christmas, we decorated a Christmas tree.  Really fun.

Oh, it was a good two weeks and we were sad to leave.

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