Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Talent Show

On the last night of camp, we graduated our students and they did a talent show.  Talent shows are a big thing in Chinese culture and there is no talent too small to be showcased.  Everyone enthusiastically participated and it was a fun (but very long night).

First we graduated our students.

Noomin, a Mongolian woman who works at the camp was the MC.  She was fun and enthusiastic.

The sulky girls sang.

"Alice" played her morin khuur.  It was lovely.

"Bob" and "Tom" did martial arts.  These two boys are best friends and were total crack-ups in their dimness.  They loved Paul and told me that he was "very clever."

Aren, the herdsman's daughter sang for us. She lives at the camp in the summer and spends her days and sometimes her nights with the campers.  She played our daughter when we did a  play and was really sweet and fun to be around.  She had a beautiful singing voice.


Singing in Chinese                                                                Singing in Mongolian.


There was a short play.

Mongolian Rap- who knew?

Mongolian dancing.

A presentation in English on the Mongolian grasslands.

Afterwards, Elisabeth tried on the Mongolian dress.  Beautiful!

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Jan said...

looked like a fun evening. Talent shows at CLTC are always a big hit too!

I loved Elizabeth in her mongolian dress!