Sunday, February 6, 2011

Going on a date in China.

Our lives have changed pretty dramatically since we have had Mr. Cuter than cute foster son.  My life in particular is much more circumscribed.  I am home  a lot.  When I was studying Chinese at the university last fall, we had a helper come in for part of the day.  That meant that I could go to class, run a few errands  and just get out a little.  However, I am not studying at the university this semester so we let our helper go.  So right now it's just me and the little guy at home most days.
But today, we asked a fellow foster mom to watch him so we could go out for dinner.  It was wonderful.  So this is how it went.

First we had to get our little guy in his big blue puffy suit and walk down six flights of stairs to get him to our friend's house.  He gets excited when he see the puffy suit because he knows he is going out.

Every door in our building has these dui lian over their doors. These are put up on Chinese New Year and stay up all year.  The meaning is this- the red scares off the monster Nian and the words are usually blessing. This one is hand painted.  The character in the middle is "fu."  It means something like "abundance."  If you turn the character upside down, it means something like "arrived. "  So abundance has arrived in the new year.

There is lots of alcohol consumed over the new year.

There was a little crying when we dropped our little guy off.  Apparently this went on most of the time we were gone.  But we left him in good hands.  He is very cute when he cries.

We took off on our bikes and stopped for a phone call with Hu Xian Sheng.  We are having lunch with him and his wife this week.  Yes, it is still winter in our city but look- the snow is melting.

We stopped off at the bank to get some cash.  This is a New Year decoration combining a rabbit (it's year of the rabbit), a fish (meaning abundance)  and the character "fu" which means riches and blessings.

These gold mannequin legs have been outside this store forever.  I finally got a picture.  I have no idea why they are there.

Chun Bing!  The best food in China is in small, hole in the wall places.  To those who worry about germs and food poisoning by eating in such place, I say you don't know what you are missing!  Cheap and really good food.

The peppers from the pork.

This is outside the restaurant.  Those are our  trusty bikes.  The sign says "Don't forget to eat Chun Bing for Chun Jie" or don't forget to eat Spring pancakes for Spring Festival.

Off we went to the big super market to buy some stuff.  I know, I know- we are the master's of the romantic date!

We rode our bikes up this road to go and look at this.

Big fire near our house because of fireworks.  It was amazing to see the destruction.  We can't believe no one was killed.

We rode our bikes back along the river.  There is still some ice on the river but it's definitely heading towards Spring.  It was fun to ride in the semi-darkness and see the lit up buildings on the other side of the river.

We got back to find our little guy in fine hands.  It was good to go out!
That's a date in China in a snap shot!
Ni Hao Yall


Jodi said...

Looks like a great date! Often I find myself running errands (driving in my SUV) and thinking in China I would be walking or riding a bike! I would be much thinner in China! :) Glad you got out for the day! And your foster son is adorable, even when he cries. Sweet boy!

Tara Anderson said...

I love reading your posts...

a Tonggu Momma said...

Gold mannequin legs? Oh, my. The randomness completely astounds.

5ennie said...

Glad you got to go out! I found your blog through Ni Hao Y'all-blog, but now realized you must know our friends who are there from Mass: the L-family with 4 kids :)

prechrswife said...

Glad you were able to get a date night. :-) We do errand running on our date nights some, too. Still nice to get away for a while.

Kristi said...

We often do the exact same thing on our own "stolen dates" too! Dinner and then some leisurely shopping...
Way I see it, it's the company, not the activity that makes the date worthwhile.
And I'm so glad no one was hurt in the fire. Last year we were in Shanghai during CNY and all night the first night I was making escape plans in case our hotel caught on fire...

Walking to China said...

5ennie- sure, we know the L family! Very sweet people.

Tongu Momma- aren't they weird? I finally had my camera at the right time. They have been there for months!

joannmski said...

Question: no locks on the bikes when you park them?

Walking to China said...

No, they are locked. Mine has a red lock on the back. Paul's is locked in the middle-it's just hard to see.
Bike theft is really common here. When you get a new bike, you usually scratch it up and spray paint it so it looks old. At least we did!

Monica said...

Your date sounds like fun, and your little fella is precious. So neat to find your blog! I think we were in that Carrefour in mid December when we met our 5th child in Shenyang. My husband and I have often talked of doing something similar to what you are doing...maybe when he retires. I plan to spend some time reading of your adventures and seeing more of your city.

shelshine said...

Love it!
Esp found the gold legs and your comment about your little guy being cute when he cries, funny ; - D

mmichele said...

It does sound like an exotic date! Shopping in China? Rob and I would love to!

Tanya said...

Often, cheap dates are the best dates! :)

I am often astonished at the pictures you post. China is such an interesting place.

Daisy Dreams said...

Truly, an adventure around every corner!! I so enjoy seeing your pictures!