Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not much happening

around these parts.  The streets are deserted and most stores and restaurants are closed.  We can hear fireworks going off (yes, China is a little boy/man dream when it comes to fireworks!).  Chinese New Year is a family event and people rarely invite guests over.  It is so important to be with your family that my tutor traveled 10 hours standing up in a train to get to her family.  She couldn't get a train ticket after many attempts and so decided to just board and stand.  This isn't uncommon in China- there are often people standing on the trains.  But 10 hours is a long time!
So we'll be spending Chun Jie evening with our foreign friends who live on the 14th floor of their building and have an amazing view of the city.  We'll be eating taco's and fajita's and jiaozi - multi-ethnic Chinese New Year food.  According to our friends, the fireworks lit from their courtyard below explode right about their window level.  So it should be a fun evening.  It's a balmy 30F so that makes it even better!

Our little guy has a mixed relationship with our cat.  Mixed in the sense that the baby is totally fascinated by the cat and the cat can't decide if he likes him, is jealous of him or wants to scratch him to pieces.

To touch or not to touch- that is the question.  The cat was lying on the floor and our little guy rolled over to him.

Oh, so tempting!

Loss of interest on both sides.  Eventually our little guy rolled away and the cat walked away.

Elisabeth seems to be having a good time in the Philippines.  Their project has a website and they are posting about their days.  I won't post the link here for the kids privacy.  Let me just say that these kids are working really, really hard with people who truly are the least of these.  They are moving garbage, feeding street kids and playing with orphans.  I am proud of them.


Kristi said...

Last year while we were in Shanghai at the end of CNY, we did witness fireworks exploding at eye level outside our hotel window. I think we were on about the 18th floor...

Ling Bunch said...

This is Ling. Not much happening here either. We are snowed in. I have lost count how deep the snow is. We shoveled the driveway 3 times in 1 day. I am cooking a turkey for our CNY eve dinner, hehe. Since we can't go anywhere, I figure it's a good day to roast turkey. That will feed us to the end of the week. We may not be able to go anywhere till next week!

Sandee said...

I loved reading your blog and journey. I found it through a comment you left on Heidi's Haiti blog. Your foster son is so precious. I read through many many of your post, back to the first day he spent the night, until now. Your sharing gives me a window into my daughter. I adopted my daughter, special needs China, when she was 1 month short of 3 years old.
She had been found by a bridge at 14 days old, with a tumor. She lived in an institution for 7 months, with surgery, then with a foster family for 2 years and 3 months.

I had sent a care package to her and her foster family, with a disposable camera. So when I received my daughter, the camera was there...and I developed pictures of my daughter with her foster family. I do not know their names, or where they live. But I can tell they loved her. ANd how horrific it must have been to give her away to American strangers. I am so grateful for them. And amazed at them, and you...for what you do.

Praying for your foster son and his future (and yours). (I was 46 when my daughter was born.)