Saturday, February 12, 2011

We live in an amazing place.

It's cold here.  But nothing that some hand knits can't take care of!  A Frogtree yarn hat and a Manos Uruguay yarn shawl keeps our little guy warm when we go outside.

Jie Jie is back from the Philippines and feeding our little guy.  Yes, the chopstick training starts early!

We have fun New Year statues

We can buy fun name stamps or chops.  So can the President!

We have wonderful examples of English gone slightly wrong.

The sentence structure in the above two ads has the same mistake.  I've seen that mistake in ads all over China.  I am trying to figure out what the structure relationship is to Chinese.  It seems to be similar to the command structure in Chinese as in "gei wo/give me."  But in English, it's the wrong part of speech.

I think I need mild hair care.  I am too old for wild hair care.

Even the buildings are smart here.

We have a place to worship,  I mean buy English books.  This is in Beijing.

Sun rising over Beijing hutongs.

Mysterious door ways.

Joyful New Year decorations.

I never want to lose the sense of amazement and wonder that we live here.


Tanya said...

Great pictures, once again. I love that "mysterious doorway".

Rebecca said...

Sweet baby boy just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!
Love the chopsticks training, too!
I am headed to China the 1st week of May with some friends for a mission trip. We are painting some murals for New Day Foster Home and loving on the sweet children living there.
I can hardly wait! I am so excited!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Love seeing your pictures -- we so loved our time in China. My parents are often there too and I love experiencing it somewhat vicariously through them. It's an amazing place -- funny translations and all! :)