Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is Coming! A few random photo's.

Just because we are still wearing long underwear doesn't mean Spring isn't coming.  Look at the river by our house!

The ice is melting!

This is the building near our home that caught on fire on Chun Jie.  Cause of the fire- fireworks.  The damage is pretty amazing!  More amazing-  no one was killed or hurt!  The building is a hotel but many people live there long term.  Because of Chun Jie, most people were out.

These are outside a friend's apartment.  There is a kind of Spanish theme and they are actually really attractive buildings and grounds.

"Because of a similar aesthetic, similar life experiences, we come together, we live in harmony, we are the same as each other, because the heart of barcelona."

"In barcelona you will find a lot of details have been closer to your heart and architecture, and the surrounding neighborhood and life away."

"Everyone has a different attitude to life, everyone wants to have the same preferences with their own people live together."

"Spanish Impression and a deep artistic spirit make the housing an ideal space."

I guess what I notice about these signs is that advertising is advertising, no matter what the language or culture.  They are trying to sell an experience to draw people to live there.  Apparently it's working because the apartments are pretty full!

Look- our baby is a Gleek!

Weirdest cat ever... drinking water in the shower with the shower on!


Kathy said...

I love all of your absurd photos taken around your adopted city. I took photos of some pretty humorous signs on the Olympic grounds while we were in Beijing. Some things do get lost in translation.

BTW, my cat drinks (only!) out of the bathtub faucet too. Crazy cats!

Sharon said...

OH! my cats also go in the shower with the shower on... they like to attempt "catching" the spray.

The little guy is sooooooo sweet with his joyful smiles :) Thanks for sharing!