Monday, August 8, 2011

And then there was hysteria.

Our sweet little guy came home today to people he wasn't sure he knew.  It's been nine long weeks- a lifetime to a less than two year old.  He has been well loved by our friend and her family. Her daughter and husband came too.
I wasn't there when they came because I started working at the international school today.  All day I have been waiting for the call that they were there.  It came as I was riding the teacher bus home from a prep day.  I felt total joy and a little nervous.
When I got home, our friend was holding him and he looked at me a little startled.  I wondered if he recognized me but didn't remember.  The family started tell me how intelligent he was and showed me all the things they had taught him- he can point to his ears, bow his hands while he says Xie Xie,  point to himself when they say "Where's (his name)? and more.  It was sweet.
I held back from grabbing him because I knew he needed time.  He is clearly attached to our friend.  We played with him together on the floor and then it was time for her to go.  That's when the hysteria started. Screaming, crying, sobbing until he fell asleep.  And you know what?  As hard as it was, it was wonderful.  It means that he can show grief.  That he knows that someone will respond. That he is attached to someone and feels loved and safe.  I remember the first night we had him.  I woke up to feed him (that was in the time of the every two hour feeding) and found him just lying there looking.  No tears even though he was hungry and in a new place.  It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen.
But he clearly knows how to cry now!  Our friend will be working for us taking care of him while I work.  She'll be back tomorrow so he'll have continuity of care.
After a good hour of tears and being held, he fell asleep in my arms.  After a few hours, we were able to get him in the high chair for dinner.  We were able to get him down on the ground to play with him.  At bed time he drank his bottle but had to be rocked and then patted to sleep.  Seeing him curled up in his crib is sweet, sweet, sweet!

A little unsure and check out that haircut!  His legs are still delicious.

New game- he picks up the ball and hands it to you.  Very cute.

One emotionally exhausted little boy.  One foster mom who is happy to hold him.

Love him!

Oh the sweetness.

Yes, cool haircut and painted toe nails.  Welcome to our world!

After the hysteria, passing the toys to me.

Looking at his adored Jie Jie.

She was pretty happy to see him, too.



He can now get in a sitting position by himself, get himself down to a crawl and crawl.  The progress is amazing.  He is much closer to being a little boy than a baby.  It's wonderful.
Jia you, little baby.  We are happy to have you home.


prechrswife said...

Such a sweetheart, and he has grown so much!

mmichele said...

He's so big!!!

Tanya said...

So sweet, the love of and for a baby.

And that hair!

Tarasview said...

wow- it is amazing to see all his growing and changing!! xox

Alida said...

Wow! He has grown so much!!

Monica said...

So glad you have him back. Sounds like it was a little hard on you all. Praying for sweet times together in the days to come.

beth said...

Oh my gosh....he is HUGE now! It's the greatest gift that you are giving him. He is learning to bond and attach to people. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

He is so sweet and so big!!!!

Rebecca said...

Precious beyond words!
What a blessing you are are to each other.
Praying for sweet baby boy's future.