Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, my word!

If you all would just indulge me a picture heavy post, check out our little guy.  He has come back this from a summer in a Chinese family with major skills.  He sits well, he crawls, he initiates contact.  It's amazing.  He is almost two and just more on track than ever. He is loud, loud, loud.  He is fairly demanding and it's hardly tell whether that is because of being played with non-stop for nine weeks, being almost two or having Down Syndrome.  He's been back with us for three days and seem fine.  I think it's a little confusing for him as he stays with us but spends his day with his summer ayi (in our home).  When she arrived today, he got very excited and waved Zai Jian  (goodbye) to me.  Yes, it's a little hard on me emotionally.  He seems happy to be with us but really loves his ayi right now.  It's all good but challenging.
Anyway, the mad skills!

Apparently this is the Chinese version of "show me your nose."  He can show you his ears if you ask him to.  He pulls them forward and it is uber cute.

This is what he does when we say "Xie Xie" or thank you.  It's a kind of putting hands together and moving them up and down.  Pretty cute.

He likes to hand us things and doesn't want them back.

Army crawling to the mystery thing on our shelf.

Look at that straight back!

Blurry picture because he is really moving.

Again blurry but because of my bad photography.  However, finally someone is playing with the cat toy.

If your say "Chinese name, where are you?"  he pats himself on the stomach.

Still loves books- we brought new ones back.

Still shaking his hands.

Still clapping!

Still very much himself.

It's hard to believe that he has been in our life for almost a year.  A year ago, he was lying in a hospital bed in the orphanage, hungry and alone.  Now, his life is full 
of people who love him deeply and fiercely.  All glory to the Giver of Life.


Ti'el said...

I love all the photos but especially that last one. What a gorgeous happy face!

Ti'el said...

I love all the pics, but especially that last one. Such a happy smiley face!! xo

prechrswife said...

He has come so far! Hugs to that precious boy!

Hunan Mommy said...

What a sweetie! Adoptive/foster moms can never get enough photos!

Tarasview said...


Kathy said...

He is doing awesome! I love his chubby legs. You must be one happy, proud mama!