Sunday, August 7, 2011

Parallel Universes

We took off on Friday around 12:45.  The baggage guy looked at out suitcases, picked them up, weighed them, winked at us and put them on the conveyor belt. Yay for nice airport workers.  The check-in lady looked at Elisabeth's passport and asked who this passport was for?  I guess she has changed since we got her first passport four years ago.  She needs a new one anyway.

When we got to Korea, they greeted us with a traditional procession.

Okay,  maybe it wasn't just for us.  The Seoul/Incheon airport does lot's of cool stuff like this.  On our way to the states, there was a band of students playing traditional Korean instruments-it was beautiful.

Of course, we had Korean food for dinner.  Even at the airport, it was good.

We had an overnight in Seoul and at first we thought we would stay in the Rest and Relaxation lounge.  The Transit hotel was full.  But once we looked at the Rest and Relaxation lounge, we knew it wasn't the right place.  There were loungers but they didn't fold out.  There were many people and it was light and not very comfortable. So we asked at information and they got us through immigration and customs and to the hotel desk.  We went to a funky in a good way. little hotel and spent the night.  It was great to sleep and shower after a long plane ride.  I must say that every single person in the Korean Airport was helpful and kind.  It was really nice.  Also claps and cheers to the flight attendants who helped a little girl travelling by herself who got really airsick.  Korean Air is just the best.

Back at the airport, we ran into Elisabeth's cute classmate- we knew she and her family would be on the flight.  We switched seats on the plane so they could sit together.

Remember all this stuff (sorry, blurry picture)

Well it actually fit into all of these.  Plus all the stuff in the post above.  Now to unpack it all.

Best thing for me- we still have a view from our living room!  There are cranes and a high rise will eventually go up but so far, we can still see the river.

It's odd to think that a week ago we were still in the Portland area, meeting new friends and seeing old ones.  Now we are back China.  The first thing I had to do was ride my bike to the bank, get cash and get some food.  Really different than just driving to the store and using my debit car.  The sense of living in two parallel worlds is very strong.  Both are good worlds and we are happy to be in them.  It's just an odd thing that in less than one day, we can be in one of our worlds in the morning and the other by night.  
We are happy to be here and ready for our next year's adventures.  Tomorrow- the sweet baby comes home.  We can't wait!


prechrswife said...

Glad to hear you are settling back in well. Give that precious baby lots of hugs from your blog friends. :-)

Monica said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see the reunion with the little man. I'm sure you can't either. Glad you were able to have a great summer away and anxious to see what the Lord has in store for you now that you are back. Blessings

Tanya said...

Welcome home!

Transitions are very disconcerting ...

Can't wait to see and hear about the sweet boy.

Julie said...

I love the Seoul/Incheon airport--it's by far the best airport I've ever experienced. That's so neat that Elisabeth and D. were able to sit together on your way to Shenyang. :)

Sally-Girl! said...

Oh, how I know that weird feeling of being in one world and then as soon as you are off the plane in another world...such an odd feeling. Glad you enjoy both!