Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why I have been a bad blogger....

It's because I've been having face to face relationships!  Yes, our nine weeks in the US is almost over and we are sad and glad and all kinds of emotions.  Right now we are in the Hilton in Eugene, Oregon thanks to the generosity of a friend who gave us some hotel points.  We drove down the Oregon coast today and saw the amazing beauty of the Oregon coast line.  Glorious and wild and empty.  We could have looked  at the ocean forever.
Paul joined us last Saturday after a grueling 30 plus flight from Thailand.  Next time, I'll be doing his flight arrangements.  Amazingly, he got right into California time and hasn't suffered much jet lag.  On Monday, we went to San Francisco to renew our visas and spend the day with old InterVarsity friends.  On Tuesday we drove to Paradise and spent the evening with lovely college friends.  Then up to Oregon to visit friends and see two colleges for Elisabeth.  We may have a winner in one of them but I'll save that for Spring when she decides.  Also, when they offer us major financial aid.
This summer, we have renewed many friendships.  One of the neatest time was when I saw a high school friend that I haven't seen since we graduated XX years ago and she was lovely on the inside and out.  She drove from her home in Kansas so see me in Missouri and it just was really nice to catch up.  We have so many quality friends and it's been so lovely to see how well and how faithfully so many are living.
We've also seen much brokenness and wept some tears with friends.  Broken marriages, broken children and broken lives.  We all have a story and part of our story usually involves pain. We are honored to walk through the pain with our friends as so many have walked with us.
Friends have been generous to us in so many ways- many have given financially so that our time here was a little easier.  We have stayed in many homes thus saving on hotel bills.  One of our friends loaned us a car.  We are so thankful.  Many have also been generous to the orphans and foster parents in our city- I am taking back many, many bottles of children's vitamins- thank you to all who gave or donated.  
On Thursday, Paul will fly to St. Louis/Columbia for two weeks and on Friday, Elisabeth and I will fly back to China.  We have an overnight in Korea and then get back to Shenyang on Sunday.  Monday, I start work! I will be teaching a replacement/sheltered English class at the international school and I can't wait.
Monday is also important as our sweet baby comes back to us.  Think and pray for him as he undergoes another adjustment in his life.  The woman who watched him over the summer will continue to work for us as I go back to work.  We don't know how much he will remember of us but we hope he remembers some. Nine weeks is a long time in a baby's life- he did see Paul during that time and remembered him. Needless to say, we can't wait to see him. We have new clothes, new toys and new books for him.  We are still praying for his future and believing in a good future for him.
So..the next time I post should be from China! 


Kelli said...

So glad we got to see you in Columbia and Paul in Thailand and maybe soon in Columbia!

Blessings on your re-entry. Wow, will be a very fast start.


Tanya said...

I have to say, I have missed seeing you on the "interwebs".

This time has gone by so fast.

Praying for the boy and you all to reconnect very quickly.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you here again. Safe travels.

Marian said...

Wow, a incredibly great news! So that lovable boy is your son!
And you left him in China with others for nine weeks!

Walking to China said...

@Marian- he is actually our foster son, not our adopted son. So he had to stay in China for the summer. We can't wait to see him again.