Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Among the things we never thought we do in China,

included watching ice hockey.
Our friend Mike flew up from Shanghai to play in an ice hockey tournament.  He is a super nice young guy and it was fun to have him for dinner and then to go to one of the games on Saturday.  We also have a friend who plays on the Shenyang team, so we went to the Shanghai/Shenyang championship game.  Here are a few pictures.

The rink.  I don't know how to say "Zamboni" in Chinese.

The game begins.  Shenyang loses 5 to 3 with one Shanghai goal made by the Shenyang goalie.  Whoops.

I think this is our friend but I am not entirely sure.  The next morning he showed up with a purple eye, courtesy of a team that drank on the bus on the way to the tournanment.

Paul went down to the rink to hang out with the Shenyang team and get a better view.

It was cold but not too bad,

The Mongolian team...these guys were huge but Mike said they were really nice.

Outside the stadium, the first fake snow of the season.  It was warm enough for shorts, though.

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