Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Cha Bu Duo Race.

Last Saturday was the Second Annual Cha Bu Duo Fun Run/Race.  Cha Bu Duo is a Chinese word that means "about" or "around."  People gathered to run about 5 or 10 kilometers and get a medal at the end.  Participants pay a small entrance fee that all goes to orphan foster care. 
The woman about is Katherine - fabulous pediatrician and adovcate for orphans.  She started this race last year and organized it again.  Sadly she is moving to another country to continue her work with trafficked women and their related health issues.  But we hope she is back next year.

This year, the French ran with us.  Katherine made a friend whose husband works for Michelin.  Several of the Michelin people came out to run.  Hearing French spoken in China was wonderful.  Hearing Chinese spoken with a French accent was really fun.

Of course, any large crowd of foreigners draws a crowd of staring people.

Paul and friends were the race starters and time keepers.  Yes, he is holding a chicken in his hand.  That was the starter.

First one in for the 5K- a single foster mom!

Some of us just got to hang out with our little sweeties.

Katherine and Eva-two doctors who are heroes to me.  They literally saved our little guys life.  Eva is one of the doctors who found him and got him into foster care. Katherine did his initial care and didn't know if he was going into foster care or hospice. The two of them have done countless house calls, phone calls, e-mails, formula to cereal ratio calculations and more for us. Plus, they are super fun. We love them.

The mom contingent.  These three women have been or currently are foster parents.

The cute teacher couple- also involved with foster care. That is a foster dad and a foster family in the background.

The male doctor contingent.

All of this to help support foster care for little guys like ours.  The money goes to support Chinese family who want to foster, not foreign families who have other resources.   It was a totally fun and worthwhile way to spend a Saturday morning.


prechrswife said...

Love it!

Sennie said...

That's great!
Loved seeing our friend DL in the pics :)

Hunan Mommy said...

Wonderful! As always, I so enjoy reading your blog!

Deb said...

What a fantastic idea! It looks like a lot of fun, and I love seeing pictures of your little guy!

She Goes Public said...

The picture of you and Little Guy is my favorite. Gray skies, bright flowers, and delighted faces. Love it! :-)