Friday, September 9, 2011

What we've been doing this week.

 I just got back to today from the Middle School Fall retreat that was held at Forest Park, near our city.  We played and had so much fun.  I'll post more about that tomorrow if I have time...because I am leaving for two days in the mountains at the Ex-pat Women's retreat.
So this is what's been going on.

We've been hanging out with friend's at a Labor Day Picnic.  Look who is wearing his first pair of real jeans!

The cat has been checking out the baby.

Our helper made us jiaozi and froze it for us.  We have tons of jiaozi in our freezer.  As it turns out, you can have too much jiaozi.

No more crying at bathtime!  Still nervous about sitting by himself in the water.

More hanging out with friend's at the picnic.

There is always something to talk about.

The view out my classroom window.

The view out our front window.

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