Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's coming...

It's time to check the internet for the weather report...

because the signs are here.....

that winter is coming.

The footie pajamas are out.  Are footie pj's close to the cutest kid clothes ever?

The gourds are...gourding.  Quite a few of the elderly people in our complex plant gardens.

This one was huge!

The leaves are turning.

The winter bedding and jackets are being aired out and washed.

Look at the lining on that coat!  Yes, it's really necessary. 
October is in a few days.  Our mattress heaters are on the beds, the flannel night gown is ready and the hunting socks have been found.  Winter, bring it on!


Laura Pierson said...

I'm not ready for it Sandy!! It's coming whether I'm ready or not...but I'm not ready! May you stay toasty warm always!!

Laura P

Kacie said...

Goodness! It's going to hit 100 today in Dallas. Fall feels very far away.