Monday, October 10, 2011

A little English at the Great Wall.

Sadly we were not among the favoured people and didn't get the favoured ticket price. 20 RMB difference.

I like it!  Now let's see some enforcement.

"Your safety is the priority of a happy tour"  In English, Chinese and Russian with a picture to make it clear. 

Climbing over the Great Wall is unsafe...but climbing on the Great Wall is good.

Yes. we almost took the "cablechairs" up.  We felt that we could obey the rules in #2- no swinging or jumping up and down on the way.  We also felt that we were not in any of the catagories of number five- not advanced age, mental patients, pregnant or drunkards.  I wasn't sure about #6 as I thought I actually would panic if the cablechair "aren't in motion" but if Paul held my hand, I thought I could do it.  # 7- No smoking?  Well, as we walked up, a guy gave Paul a lighter as a gift but temptation there.
Sadly, the cablechairs weren't open that day and we had to walk - which was actually rather wonderful.

Yes, we need all of them.  Every single grass.

"Flowers are smiling and grass is sleeping.  please don't disturb them."
Kind of a lovely sentiment.

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prechrswife said...

Priceless! Thanks for the smiles. :-)