Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's hanging out in our neighborhood.

I get home from teaching every day around 2:00.  When I got home today, I saw this.

Who knew there was animal sacrifice here?

The da bai cai and cong (big white cabbage and leeks) are all over the place drying but these are also hanging on strings all over the place.  I think they are some kind of peel from gourds.

You can also see the quilts in the background- airing things out here is a big thing, especially as the seasons change.

I got on my bike and rode across the university campus to a little shopping place.  There is a market with fresh vegetables and meat and a small grocery store.  Upstairs is one of my favorite kinds of China places- if you want it, they probably have it.  It's just tiny store after tiny store. I had to pick up some pants from the tailor- 3 pairs of pants hemmed for about $2.00. 
Then I turned the corner to go and buy envelopes and I had one of these only in China moments.  A slightly older woman got up from where she was sitting with her friend and greeted me warmly. She introduced me to her friend as her "hao pengyou" 好朋友."  She asked me about Elisabeth and our little guy and asked how he was doing and where was he and so on.  We had a fairly lengthy conversation as I bought my envelopes.
Here's the thing.  I am not sure who she was.  She looked vaguely familiar but I can't place her.  She is probably one of my neighbors in our complex. The truth is there are no secrets in China, especially for a foreigner.  When we go out with our little guy, we are greeted by all kinds of people who know his name and his story...and we've never told them either! China is a big country but it's really one small village.

Our little guy is growing and growing and his relationship with his jie jie is sweet to watch.  Here they are doing core ab. excercises. Who is pulling who?

And finally- we've been working with the little guy on drinking from a cup.  We bought a sippy cup that came with these fantastic intructions.  I've tried to get a good picture but I just couldn't.  Here's what I got.

It says "Before and after each use, be sure to clean it with cold water.  Do not boiling it to avoid the print peel zoff.  It's not affect the normal function while the print is fade. Keep the juice nipple in a clean and sanitary place away from cockroaches after cleaning, and avoid the direct sunlight.  Please replace the nipple three months a time to ensure the baby's health.  Don't heat with the microwave.  Check the cup frequently, if any broken found, please replace immediately.

No problem on the cockroaches....


prechrswife said...

Now, those are instructions I've never seen on a sippy cup package before. :-)

vikinga said...

Yes I agree no secrets here! If I leave without my kids about 5 people ask me where they are and who is watching them and where I'm going. I have to restrain myself from sarcasm!