Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My day...not so unusual.

I woke up this morning at 4:00 to the sound of a very stuffy nosed baby, gagging and trying to breathe. When we put him down last night, I knew we'd be up at least once with him so 4:00 AM didn't seem too bad. 
We got him up, suctioned his nose and put him back down to go back to sleep.  That is for him to sleep- we knew that our night was over.  He fell back asleep about 5:30 and we both got up.  That's not all that unusual for us as we have to be out of the door very early.
Also...and this is key- our water was due to be turned off at 8:00.  Not just us, our whole complex.  We don't know why. We assume it was some work that needed to be done.  The first year we were here,  we didn't even read the notice.  And by "didn't" I mean "couldn't."  There is just nothing like having a Master's degree and being illiterate. So our first year here, when the water went off, we were unprepared.  Let's just say that when the water goes off, you can't flush your toilet.  Do I need to explain more? 
The second year it went off, we were also unprepared.  More prepared than the first year, but less than we should have been.  I think that day we also had no electricity.  Good times.
So this year, we were ready.  We (and by we, I mean Paul who can actually read Chinese) read the notice. We  boiled water last night before and put it in our thermos.  China has awesomely big thermoses.  Our water guy was due to deliver water today so we would have plenty to drink.  Our plan was to both shower before 7 and then fill the tub with water for toilet flushing etc.  I also had some vegetables that needed to be scrubbed for the pot roast I was going to make.
So...I got in the shower about 6:40.  Around five minute later, as I was going for my second shampoo, the water went off.   I started screeching at Paul to start filling buckets with water (I was less worried about the shampoo in my hair than the grossness of unflushed toilets).  But no...over an hour earlier than the appointed time, the water went off.  Fortunately, I had soapy water in the kitchen sink left over from the doing the dishes, so we could wash the vegetables and we were still able to make the pot roast.  I did get the shampoo out of my hair.

We have a wonderful woman who works for us to take care of our little guy.  She also loves to bake.  So score for us.  I asked her to make some rolls to go with the pot roast.

Apparently though, I asked her to make us bagels, not rolls.  Still score for us!  I even have cream cheese in the freezer.
So after a morning of giving my students grammar tests, I went to Moms in Touch.  Moms in Touch is an international prayer group where mom's gather to pray for their schools.  Ours is international, of course, so we pray and read the Bible in Korean, Chinese and English. I love it.

Got home around 3:00 to discover all toilets flushed because the water was on.  Yay!  Hung out with the sweet baby until I got a call from a friend reminding me that I needed to go and pick up butter from her apartment.  Butter is rarely found in regular Chinese grocery stores.  You can get it from a store that imports (expensive) or from a huge market in the north part of our city.  My friend's husband works up there and he picks it up for her and others.

7 cubes of butter for 94.5 RMB or about $15.00. This should last us for quite a while!

A little knitting, some reading (Same Kind of Different as Me) and now we are heading off to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will begin later than 4:00 AM.

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